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Manufacturing thrown yarns

Throwing is a process by which yarns are transported from the world of chemistry to the world of textiles.

This is the first stage of creativity.

Production of thrown filaments allows TLD to:

  • sell yarn to weavers,
  • prepare yarn for knitting.

3 operations can be performed on yarns:

  • twisting,
  • covering,
  • cabling.

When yarn is very twisted (or thrown), it is known as ‘crepe yarn’.

Knitting jersey fabrics

Knitting is one of the best ways to create modern textiles that are both flowing and elastic.

With a wide choice of weaves, gauges and yarn combinations to choose from, knitting constitutes our second stage of creativity.

Jersey is one way in which individual strands of yarn are brought together to form a fabric. It has come to refer to the entire family of stitched (or knitted, as opposed to woven) fabrics. Once TLD has produced the knit fabric, it can be:

  • sold as greige,
  • dyed and ennobled.

TLD, French manufacturer of made-to-order textiles

TLD is France’s leading producer of specialised jerseys that are custom-made from yarn to finished fabric.
To keep its creative juices flowing, TLD works in partnership with an independent designer and also maintains strong ties with design agencies in Paris and abroad, fashion houses, clothing manufacturers and others in the industry.