TLD tecnical yarns
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Complex knitted fabrics and technical yarns for many business sectors

As a designer of yarns and fabrics for many markets (luxury, haute couture, ready-to-wear and technical textiles), TLD meets customers’ needs with customised solutions. The company’s ties with a number of research centres help it anticipate tomorrow’s needs.

All its new yarns and technical textiles are designed and developed by its innovation laboratory, working in partnership with customers’ R&D departments:

  • technical yarns and fabrics for the automobile industry (airbags),
  • special yarns and fabrics for the aeronautics industry (A380 aircraft) and the military (inflammable clothing),
  • Yarns and anti-odour, anti-bacterial knitted fabrics for sportswear, etc.

TLD firmly believes that a cooperative, inter-company approach enhances and accelerates innovation, so it belongs to and participates actively in a number of competitiveness clusters and technical centres, in French and European projects focusing on innovation in the field of textiles.
Exclusivity and confidentiality are part of the foundation of any partnership project.

TLD, technical textiles specialist

TLD, source of innovative solutions for fashion

With its know-how in technical textiles and its creative spirit, TLD is in a prime position to offer innovative solutions adapted to the fashion world.