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Details of clothing during a fashion show

Analysis laboratory

All product quality approaches require raw materials testing. We test a number of characteristics, including:

  • twisting,
  • force/elongation,
  • shrinkage and crimp contraction for textured yarns,
  • winding resistance.

Tests are also performed on the fabrics created with the yarn. For example, we measure:

  • weight/m2,
  • dimensional stability,
  • colour fastness.

We can perform tests according to standard GB18401 upon request.

Inspection of tubular fabrics

Allows us to verify the quality of tubular greige fabrics at a frequency established when the product is developed.
This inspection is completed with a test of dyeing affinity on each piece of knit fabric.

Inspection of open width fabrics

Allows us to verify the quality of our open width greige and dyed fabrics.
These tests are performed by an independent organisation located near our finishers.